German Government's Human Rights Commissioner: Nabeel Rajab is Tried for Peacefully Expressing his Opinion

2015-04-28 - 1:50 am

Bahrain Mirror: The German Federal Government's Commissioner for Human Rights Policy and Humanitarian Aid, Christoph Strässer, stated that "next Sunday (April 26, 2015) will be the last day of the pre-trial detention of the prominent human rights activist in Bahrain, Nabeel Rajab, who was arrested on April 2nd 2015, over a tweet he posted on his Twitter account, criticizing the military intervention in Yemen. He faces charges of insulting a government institution and jeopardizing national security."



The German MP also stressed on his Facebook page on Friday (April 24, 2015) that "the right to peaceful expression of opinion is extremely significant and deserves international protection."


"Establishing a Bahrain National Institute for Human Rights and an Ombudsman office is an important step towards improving the human rights situation in Bahrain. I urge the Bahraini government to walk in this path, protect the right to freedom of peaceful expression of opinion and put an end to the punishment imposed on those who exercise this right," Strässer further stated, calling for "just and transparent measures, concerning Nabeel Rajab, which would provide complete protection of his rights."

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