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Bahrain Acquits the Police who Killed the Martyr Fadhel Abbass

2015-05-03 - 12:45 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Third High Criminal Court, presided by Judge Ali bin Khalifa Al-Dhahrani, membership of the judges Wajih Al-Shaer and Badr Al-Abdallah and Secretary Youssef Bou Hardan, acquitted the police accused of killing the martyr Fadhel Abbass and sentenced him to three months in prison for injuring Sadeq Al-Asfour in Al-Markh.

The Public Prosecution declared that the accused had, on 8 January 2014, being an official officer (first policeman) in the ministry of interior, killed the victim, Fadel abbass through firing several shots against the victim from the gunfire he owns due to his job. The victim received the shot in the back of his head, which caused his death. The accused violated the preventive measures stipulated in the law, thus causing the injuries described by the forensic doctor that led to the victim's death.

The accused also assaulted the victim, Sadeq Jaafar Al-Asfour, by shooting him using the gunfire he owns due to his job. The accused shot Al-Asfour in his abdomen, thus violating the law once more. As a result, the officer was forced to stop his job for a period that exceeds 20 days

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