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The High Criminal Court Convicts Bahraini Activist Ghada Jamsheer

2015-05-08 - 7:26 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Criminal Court, presided by the judge Mohammed bin Ali Al Khalifa and the membership of judges Dia' Huraidi and Ali Al-Kaabi and secretary of Naji Abdullah, sentenced the activist Ghada Jamsheer for a year in prison over assaulting two policewomen and acquitted her from the charge of insulting a policewoman. The court ordered to halt the execution for 3 years, starting from the date of issuing the verdict. The court said that it was compassionate with the accused.

The authorities claim that the activist Ghada Jamsheer assaulted two policewomen, while the former denied these allegations and deemed them malicious. The court relied on the two policewomen statements, the medical report of the first policewoman and the security camera recording to convict the accused. In addition, the court relied on "disclosing the precedents of the defendant where she was proven accused in such cases."

As for the second case through which the accused was charged for insulting a policewoman, the court said that there was no evidence in the documents that prove this charge, particularly that the recording the court had listened to and the Public Prosecution had written down did not mention anything about the issue and so was the case with the submitted statement.

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