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Data for those stripped of their Nationalities: Launching a Trial Version of “I am Bahraini” Website

2015-05-15 - 2:19 am

Bahrain Mirror: I am Bahraini website (www.iambahraini.org) has launched its trial version. This website is concerned in the Bahraini citizens' cases whom the authorities have revoked their nationalities in the recent years, after the famous protests held in the LuaLua Roundabout.

The website archives all the published data about those stripped of their nationalities including, the list of the damaged, the government official stance, the human rights organizations stance that condemned the immoral revoking process, in addition to the opinions in this regard.

Bahrain Centre for Studies in London hopes that this website, upon being completed, could provide basic information about the revoking of nationality that Bahrain's king, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, uses to punish the citizens over demanding political reform in the island. It is noteworthy mentioning that this island is witnessing an unprecedented crisis due to repression that have been globally condemned and that have reached thousands of citizens who expressed someday their wish to enhance their country's deteriorating situations.

The center said, "The data published about nationality revoking will be in both; English and Arabic, and other living languages."

The center called the website visitors to express their opinions and provide it with information in this regards, especially that the cases' chapters seem to be consecutive in the light of the continuous threatening in proceeding to revoke the nationalities of those who are still demanding a democratic Bahrain.

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