Public Prosecution: A Speedy Trial for an Arab Convict Over Promoting Extremist Ideas

2015-05-30 - 2:42 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Chief Prosecutor of the Terror Crimes Prosecution, Ahmed Al-Hammadi, stated that the prosecution received a report from the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation and Evidence Department stating that a person posted on social media sites some topics that promote the thought of one the extremist organizations, which is considered an incitement of hatred against a sect of people and insult to its rituals.

Al-Hammadi added that the investigations identified the accused, who is an Arab residing in the kingdom, so the prosecution ordered his arrest. Based on this order, he was arrested and the electronic devices he used for posting online were confiscated. During his investigation, he admitted to the charges against him and that he was previously against the extremist ideas of that organization, however, when he met one of its members via social media, he was convinced by the organization's ideas, and thus promoted its ideas via social media. The Public Prosecution charged him with promoting criminal actions for the purpose of executing a terrorist act, publicly assaulting one of the religious sects and insulting its rituals. The prosecution ordered his arrest for a period of 15 days pending investigations and the examination of the confiscated items as an introductory step to refer him to a speedy trial.

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