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Amnesty Slams Bahrain over Denying Mahdi Abu Dheeb Treatment

2015-08-28 - 1:18 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Amnesty International condemned on Wednesday (August 26, 2015) denying the president of the Bahrain Teachers' Association Mahdi Abu Dheeb treatment and said that he has been denied his medication for hypertension and diabetes since last March.

In a statement, the organization stated that Abu Dheeb has also been denied supportive shoes which his doctor says are needed to help alleviate his back pain, which he has suffered from since his torture in 2011. Mahdi's family stressed that prison officers have prevented him from receiving his medication and vitamin tablets since the onset of the Jaw Prison riots in March 2015.

Abu Dheeb's family stressed that the prison officers have refused to allow in the medications prescribed by the doctor, saying that they have not received orders allowing him medication from outside the prison.

Amnesty also pointed out that Mahdi Abu Dheeb was tortured during the 64 days he was held in solitary confinement after his arrest on 6 April 2011. He has since found it difficult to walk without support and has had to occasionally use a wheelchair.

While Amnesty urged the Bahraini authorities to allow Abu Dheeb to receive his medication, it stressed that he is a prisoner of conscience and called for his unconditional and immediate release.

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