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Bahrain Buys Patrol Boats and Drones from Turkey

2015-09-01 - 2:43 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Turkish Bahraini Business Council chairman Osman Yildrim Coskun said "Bahrain was looking to further bolster co-operation with Turkey in the military sector. One of the most important aspects of military cooperation between the two parties is Bahrain's buying patrol boats, firearms for infantry soldiers and drones," indicating that the share of the defence industries of the trade volume between the two countries is 7.5%, which amounts to about $40 million.

Osman Yildrim Coskun revealed this information during a meeting with a Bahraini press delegation in Istanbul. He also disclosed intentions to establish a zone for Turkish products in Bahrain, hailing that "Bahrain has a positive stance from this project. We, indeed, discussed the project's proposed site."

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