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Sheikh Hassan Isa Says He Was Mistreated & Threatened: “You are in a Notorious Place”

2015-09-09 - 12:09 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Public Prosecution renewed the detention of opposition figure and Al-Wefaq's former Member of Parliament, Sheikh Hassan Isa, for 15 additional days on Monday (September 7, 2015). This came as the defence panel said it could, for the very first time, meet with him for only 3 minutes since his arrest on August 18, 2015.

Al-Wefaq said in a statement on Monday (September 7, 2015) that "the defence panel met with Sheikh Hassan Isa for only 3 minutes with the presence of 4 security officers and found out from him that he was mistreated and threatened by the investigation officer who told the Sheikh: "you are in a notorious place. We will see how precious you are to the society."

The defence panel stressed that "Sheikh Hassan Isa denied all the charges brought against him during a previous investigation session and that he did not fund any terrorist organization and did not know about these charges except when appearing before the prosecution."

Sheikh Hassan Isa pointed out that he was threatened and demanded his release since the charges are unrealistic and have nothing to do with the truth. The panel reiterated the same demand since the charges are based on no evidence and are baseless, stressing that it will raise a complaint of torture and ill-treatment.

"The details disclosed by the panel about Sheikh Isa and what it could detect during its brief meeting with him and through the treatment of the Public Prosecution and violations of his legal rights prove that the case is malicious and that the charges brought against him are void and that the case is a human right violation and not a legal action." Al-Wefaq said, expressing "its deep concern about Sheikh Isa's safety," and demanded "providing him with protection from mistreatment and threats."

Al-Wefaq stressed that "it will address the international and local human rights groups about these details and especially the threats and violations committed by the investigating party and officer, for they represent serious violations of law and human rights and clearly show that Sheikh Isa is facing retaliation and not a lawsuit built on valid legal basis."

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