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Seven Pending Requests by UN Special Rapporteurs to Visit Bahrain

2015-09-16 - 1:29 am

Bahrain Mirror: The United Nations Special Rapporteurs' total requests to visit Bahrain reached 7. The Bahraini government hasn't responded to 6 of them, while the UN special rapporteur Juan Mendez still awaits an appointment to be scheduled to visit Bahrain.

The Al-Wasat newspaper said that the Special Rapporteur on Migrant Workers has submitted a request to visit Bahrain since 2006. He; however, hasn't received a reply from the government although it has been 6 years since he submitted the request.

For his part, the Special Rapporteur on the Rights to Freedom of Peaceful Assembly submitted a request to Bahrain on September 6, 2011 and renewed his request on October 30, 2013, yet the Bahraini government did not respond to both requests.
It has been 3 years since the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders submitted his request to Bahrain in 2012. He also renewed it a few months earlier in February 2015.

The Bahraini government has not yet responded to the Special Rapporteur on Arbitrary Detention who asked for a follow-up visit to the one he had paid to Bahrain between 19-24 October, 2001 and made a report about it.

On November 14, 2014, the Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression submitted a request to visit Bahrain and so was the case with the Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights who submitted his request on July 9, 2015. Both of the rapporteurs are still waiting for a response from the Bahraini government.

Juan Mendez, UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, is still awaiting his visit to Bahrain, noting that he submitted his request in 2011 and his visit was postponed indefinitely in May 2013. This is considered the second postponement, for his visit was already adjourned in February 2012.

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