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Muharraq Butchers Resume Work after 49 Days of Strike

2015-11-20 - 2:58 am

Bahrain Mirror: Muharraq's Central Market in Bahrain has decided to stop the strike after 49 days of boycotting meat purchase, following a government decision to lift subsidies on meat and increase its prices.

The butchers resumed their work in Muharraq yet with no governmental promises or measures to decrease the prices.

Muharraq Central Market butchers' announced that they will resume this work on Thursday as it is a weekend and usually people buy more on this day.

Government officials pointed out that Muharraq butchers were on strike, while Manama butchers were still working, noting that all of them suffer from the same circumstances.

The Muharraq butchers stressed: "As long as people buy meat we will work. It is not a matter of strike, people are not buying meat. We have lost a lot during the past 50 days. We have many commitments that cost us a lot of money. Thus, we have to consider matter more accurately."

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