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Bahraini Parliament Proposes Severing Trade Ties, Suspending Flights & Banning Travel to Iran

2016-01-07 - 12:13 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Parliament proposed on Tuesday (January 5, 2016), to the Government, to sever trade ties, suspend flights to and from Iran, and ban citizens from travelling to Iran following tensions with Gulf countries.

The parliament voted on submitting the proposal to the Cabinet, in which they suggested cutting trade and diplomatic ties, flight services and travel to Iran, if the majority of the council agreed.

MP Mohammad Milad asked if "the proposal was studied economically, and what cost for suspending the flight services will Gulf Air pay? [...] Economic ties are a totally different issue from trade ties, we can take diplomatic options".

"Were these measures studied economically before taking them?" he wondered.

MP Khaled Al-Sha'er, one of the MPs who submitted the proposal, said: "An opponent should not be allowed to begin speaking, according to the internal regulation, but the Chairman gave him make a complete comment".

Al-Shae'r later asked to refer the proposal to the Committee of Foreign Affairs for more studying. However, at the end they decided to vote.

"If the airways may harm the country's security, there is no need for it. There are a lot of companies operating with Bahraini capitals, and some Iranian nationals living in Bahrain have companies (...) We hope to refer this issue to the committee urgently, so the Parliament would be able to present issues and proposals", he further added, citing the UAE's experience in reducing some relations.

"We are talking about the economy of the country and about Dubai (...) How is politics being confused with the economy", MP Osama AL Khajah stressed, adding that "it is possible to establish strong security. The issues should not be addressed hastily. Will the country benefit from this?".

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