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Al-Wafaa Party Denies Forming Military Arm Called “Al Basta Group”

2016-01-10 - 1:17 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Bahraini Al-Wafaa Islamic Party denied on Friday (January 8, 2016) charges of forming a military arm (Al-Basta Group) raised by the Bahraini Ministry of Interior against it. It further stressed that the detainees are prisoners of conscience.

Al-Wafaa said in a statement that they were arrested in separate periods. Some of them were arrested months ago and others even several years ago. They were heinously tortured to confess to the charges against them, it further stated, adding that "the contradictions have exposed the government's announcement to ridicule".

"Accusing Iran and Hezbollah of involvement in the financial support and training came in the context of escalating the political hostility with Iran, and in an attempt to cover up Sheikh Nimr Al-Nimr's execution", Al-Wafaa explained.

The party insisted that the suspects in this case are prisoners of conscience and must be defended on this basis, and their involvement in a military arm is a fabrication made by the ruling Al Khalifa family to justify the violence committed against the people.

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