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Local Paper: 15 Complaints & Reports Against Tweeters over Insulting MPs & Parliament

2016-01-30 - 12:36 am

Bahrain Mirror: The local Bahraini Al-Ayam newspaper, owned by the Bahraini King's advisor Nabeel Al-Hamer, said that the complaints and reports raised by the parliament against accounts on social media outlets reached up to 15. The Parliament, as a legislative institutions, filed 10 reports to the Public Prosecution. While the MPs, in their personal capacity, submitted around 5; all of which fall under charges of libels, slander and insults against the parliament and the MPs.

The newspaper emphasized that the "complaints filed to the Public Prosecution of Anti-Corruption and Economic and Electronic Security are against accounts on Twitter and Instagram containing libels and insults that are far from the morals of freedom of opinion and expression.

"There is a mechanism carried out by a media body, which monitors the abuses taking place on social media outlets before referring them to the legal advisor in the Parliament in order to give its legal view on each violation, as it excludes anything under freedom of expression, documents all what falls under libel and slander, then raises it to the Parliament Speaker to be filed to the Public Prosecution", the newspaper further stated.

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