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Parliament Secretariat: Some Comments Were Impolite...We Will Exercise our Right against those Offending Parliament

2016-01-31 - 1:02 am

Bahrain Mirror: The General Secretariat of the Bahraini Parliament said that "the complaints brought forth to the competent parties against a number of social media users have crossed the limits of their right guaranteed by the Constitution to freedom of opinion, criticism and expression, posting insults and defamatory material."

The secretariat added in a statement that some of the comments posted on social media were impolite and contradict the high morals of Bahrainis. The competent parties urge the families to warn their children and save them from being affected by "provoking" groups.

"It is sad to see some of the people proceeding in their attempts to insult the Parliament in illegal manners and incite hatred against it aiming at defaming the legislative authority. It is even sadder to see that such acts are made by prominent parties and figures, who would resort to the judiciary if anyone had addressed them with such expressions. It is surprising that some lament the lack of freedom of opinion and expression without knowing that what happened was an act of defamation."

The General Secretariat of the Parliament further highlighted that it shall exercise its right and legal responsibility against those who offend the Parliament and that it will not allow any inciters target the state's institution, threaten security and stability and affect the national unity amid this national critical period that requires cooperation."

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