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Bahrain Revolutionary Forces Strongly Denounce Adding Hezbollah to Gulf States’ Terrorism Blacklists

2016-03-05 - 4:41 p

Bahrain Mirror: The opposition revolutionary forces in Bahrain condemned listing Lebanon's Hezbollah on terrorism blacklists of Gulf States, considering that this decision "undoubtedly reveals the treason of these states and the allegiance of their totalitarian family-ruled regimes to the Zionist entity."

In their statement issued on Thursday (March 3, 2016), the revolutionary forces "February 14 Youth Coalition, Amal Society, Bahrain Freedom Movement, Haq Movement for Liberty and Democracy and Al-Wafa Islamic party" praised "the Arab and Islamic role and the ongoing struggle of the Islamic Resistance, manifested by the Lebanese Hezbollah and its Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and all its members, leadership and supporters."

"It's no surprise that the Gulf states and their family-ruled regimes managed to express their treason (...) because these states only consider the interests of greater [world] powers," they added.

The opposition parties then concluded their statement by saying that the decision made by Gulf States to add Hezbollah to their terrorism list "does not represent the peoples of these states that firmly stand by the side of the legitimate resistance against the Zionist enemy and refuse normalization. The people of the region respect Hezbollah, its leadership and supporters as well as the Palestinian resistance factions that strive to liberate Palestine and protect the Palestinians."

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