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Mother of Detainee Akbar Ali: My Son Is in Terrible Psychological State, Put an End to his Suffering

2016-06-16 - 12:28 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Nasra Ali Khalaf, mother of prisoner Akbar Ali (20 years), who is sentenced to over 60 years in prison, said that her son is in urgent need of psychological treatment, stressing that he is hallucinating, imagining that his whole family is dead.

Khalaf said that she visited her son following the March 10 unrest last year and "found him a totally different person." "When they brought him to see me, he was walking slowly with his eyes full of fear. When I moved my hand to shake his, he stood still."

"I drew him near while he moved back, as if he was afraid of being touched. He didn't talk (...) I started to cry. As I continued to visit him, I didn't see he was getting any better," she added, noting that he is in a terrible psychological state and has been suffering since one year and 3 months.

She said that he hallucinates seeing his cellmates' faces as monsters and describes them when he calls me. He says that he sees weird things and that he hears voices telling him not to pray and that his mother is God.

"He sees funerals and imagines that I am dead," she further stated. "He calls me in panic asking: ‘Mom! Are you still alive? They told me that my sister and brother died (...)' He says that he sees his nephews with him in the room, but they look like animals. He sometimes sees himself as a donkey as well.:

"He thinks sometimes his body parts are getting torn and starts shouting. When he watches television with his cellmates, he sees me and his sister on the TV," Khalaf explained, adding that he is suffering from epilepsy and involuntary urination.

"My son has become more aggressive in the last period," Nasra Khalaf states. "He was examined by a psychiatrist, but didn't get any better and no improvements were seen," she added.

She further stressed that he suffers from heart attacks and shortness of breath, and is admitted to the Al-Salmaniya hospital following these episodes.

She said that his cellmates couldn't bear him anymore, and that one of them hit and slapped him. Khalaf urged the authorities to put an end to Akbar's sufferings and give him proper treatment and, if necessary, transfer him to a psychiatric hospital.

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