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Newspaper Linked to Bahrain Royal Court Attacks Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour, Accuses him of Breaking Law

2016-07-16 - 10:45 p

Bahrain Mirror: The local Bahraini Al-Watan newspaper, linked to the royal court, published on Saturday (July 16, 2016) an inflammatory article against prominent Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammad Sanqour. This comes after Sheikh Sanqour led Friday prayers in al-Diraz mosque, following a 4-week halt of Friday and congregational prayers in Shia mosques across the country.

Al-Watan claimed that Sanqour broke the state laws and regulations by ascending the Imam Sadiq Mosque pulpit in Diraz and delivering a political speech. The newspaper; however, did not cite any of the laws it claims Sheikh Sanqour has violated.

"Sanqour, who has been banned from preaching for politicizing the religious platform, avoided this decision and delivered a politicized sermon during Friday prayers, in which he praised Isa Qassim, who was stripped of his nationality, for adopting theocracy, taking advantage of the religious platform for foreign interests and contacting foreign parties to raise money by illegal means. Sanqour also criticized the decisions to shut down Al-Tawiya Society and suspend Al-Wefaq activities, describing them as serious," alleged Al-Watan.

However, Sheikh Sanqour had called in his speech yesterday for cooling down the atmosphere and launching an initiative to restore the people's trust.

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