Crown Prince Announces Failure of Bahrain Vision 2030

2016-10-11 - 4:30 p

Bahrain Mirror- Exclusive: Since 2000, the Cambridge graduate in "Philosophy of History" was granted the chance to appear as a political and economic conciliator.

The Crown Prince chose to talk in economics rather than politics since he visited Diraz in 2002 to put the cornerstone of the northern city and met Sheikh Isa Qassim. In 2008 and after he finished the establishment of his new institutions, he launched what he called "Bahrain Vision 2030".

However, 5 years after the February 14th uprising, nothing was left in economy but its name. Bahrain's economy has become as a shaky building that may collapse at any time. The country's public debt increased 5 times (500%) and the budget deficit augmented 53 times (5300%). Due to this failure, there is no way left for the government to improve its economy except the people's money. Thus, the government lifted subsidies on fuel, meat and electricity. Meanwhile, it doubled many fees and taxes and imposed new ones.

Amid this sick economy, the cost of living surprisingly mounted, many people lost their incomes and the number of families living below the poverty line increased. Demand on goods decreased and as a result the market lost approximately quarter of its value, according to statistics.

These are "the ever deeper economic woes," according to Forbes, which metaphorically describes the measures of tackling them "like putting a small bandage on a big, deep wound."

In other words, the 2030 Vision has failed, however, the Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa has another point of view.

During a presentation he delivered at Bahrain's First Government Forum, the Bahraini Crown Prince said on Sunday, September 18, 2016, that the country has only witnessed during 8 years-time of his vision- success, achievement, innovation, prosperity, revenues, continuous sustainable development, right path, significant efforts and serving the best services.

If these factors distinguish the Bahraini government's work, why would the Crown Prince hold what he called the First Government Forum?

ćáí ÇáÚĺĎ

In this forum, the Crown Prince, First Deputy Prime Minister, will present to his government's officials a documentary about their achievements and an exhibition for the stories of their successes.

The only new idea he talked about when mounting the platform was developing fast services for governmental measures and services in return for fees.

The most sarcastic part about the first forum is that the word problem was not mentioned at all, then why are they meeting?

The CP used the word "Challenges" instead of problems, crises and issues. The only challenge noted by him was the February 14th uprising. That was the CP's approach to the political conflict between the regime and opposition that erupted 5 years ago: "Attempts sought to deviate us away from the path of development and progress in 2011", however "these challenges were at the same degree of our will and determination...we are still able to overcome them...we all love challenges and adore achievements."

The word "Challenges" will be from now on the CP's word instead of "Theocracy". He will repeat it in his meeting with the Labour Market Regulatory Authority in the coming days. Thus, the government did not fail, it only faced challenges that were imposed on it.

The CP will appear this time to tackle the "Challenges" that he has flopped throughout 16 years to anticipate or plan to avoid or face them. The only challenge he thinks he has overcome is the people's challenge against him and his government. He thinks that he has overcome the people's challenge when he dissolved Al-Wefaq, arrested its Secretary-General, besieged its headquarters and revoked Sheikh Isa Qassim's citizenship.

We can notice that the CP did not mention the word "Democracy" or "Reform", on both the political and economic levels, in the Bahrain's First Government Forum.

In brief, the forum was held as if there were no severe economic or political crises in the country or even blackout on the major country's problems.

The Crown Prince has went further in the political propaganda. His arrogance and illusions made him claim (amid this condition) that he is a pioneer in the economic visions in the Gulf and that the other Gulf countries have followed his path when launching their political views.

Salman Al Khalifa is doing business through an empty budget. He is doing business through the aid money granted by countries that he claims he inspired to plan for their economic visions.

Perhaps the psychiatrists can understand more than us the psychological problem behind the illusion Salman bin Hamad lives in. Is it a reaction on his failure in everything? Is it a complete identification with the make-pretend legitimacy and stability policies and crises denial from a man who abandoned the title of a political conciliator, which has become a disgrace for him?

At the time of austerity (an official announcement of economic recession), the Crown Prince comes to talk about the success of his 2030 economic vision. However, what is more tragic in his speech is saying that the government will "proceed in" this achievement: "Our national duty obliges us to continue working [on it]."

The Crown Prince had better speak frankly to people and government and be honest as he was in 2004 when he, himself, organized a workshop to reform labour market where a documentary about Bahrainis' poverty and deteriorating economic situation was played. He had better say that the 2030 vision has failed and that government should resign and allow people to choose a government that represents his wills and interests, end the political tutelage to stop the bloodshed and avoid the country more pains and sacrifices.

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