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Conference in London Discusses “Nationality Revocation” with Participation of MPs and MEPs

2016-10-26 - 6:20 p

Bahrain Mirror: A human rights forum is to be held in the British Capital, London on Monday (October 31, 2016) entitled "The International Human Rights Challenge on Arbitrary Revocation of Citizenship: Bahrain & The Gulf, the Dominican Republic, Myanmar and beyond".

Amnesty International, Article 19, Gulf Center for Human Rights, Human Rights Watch and Salam for Democracy and Human Rights will assess the compatibility of GCC member states' domestic laws with international standards in respect to the withdrawal of a person's nationality.

Participants will examine the administrative and executive measures that would lead to deprivation of nationality with paying attention to the cases that affected the members after they become stateless.

The conference will bring together legislators (MPs and MEPs), lawyers, researchers, NGO representatives, international human rights bodies, human rights defenders and victims of unlawful nationality revocation.

The conference will explore the practice, impact and human rights dimensions of arbitrary nationality revocation and forceful exile in the GCC.

It will discuss the strategies related to how to combat root causes and nationality revoking decisions and their impacts.

The conference will also discuss the development of coordinating strategies to prevent the arbitral revocation of citizenship and providing ways to deal with these cases in the Gulf.

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