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Parliamentary Financial Committee Approves 3% Judicial Fee on Claims Costing More than 3,000 Dinars

2016-11-12 - 11:26 p

Bahrain Mirror: The Parliamentary Financial and Economic Affairs Committee approved the amendment of some provisions of Decree Law No. (3) of 1972 pertaining to legal fees. The amendment falls in the same line as that of the Consultative Council decision to have the judicial fees at 3% of claims costs exceeding 3 thousand dinars, provided the fees do not exceed 200 thousand dinars.

It is scheduled for the parliament to look into the aforementioned draft law during his next Tuesday meeting (November 15, 2016).

The Parliament had previously approved a 5% judicial rate on fees, yet the Consultative Council decided the reduction of fees to 3%; a decision that was approved by the Parliamentary Financial and Economic Affairs Committee.

The proposed amendment as approved by the Consultative Council, states that "The fees categories are decided by the Minister of Justice, after getting approval by the Council of Ministers (...)  The Minister of Justice or his authorized representative are permitted to postpone or exempt from all or some judicial, those who prove incapable of paying."

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