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Bahraini MP: US Ambassador Reassured There’s No Change in Washington's Policies towards Manama after Trump’s Win

2016-11-21 - 9:20 p

Bahrain Mirror: Deputy head of the Foreign Affairs, National Defense and Security Committee in the Bahraini Parliament Khalifa Al-Ghanem said that he received reassurances from the US Ambassador to Manama William V. Roebuck that his country's policy towards Bahrain will not change during the term of President-elect Donald Trump.

Ghanem reported that the Ambassador stressed that US-Bahraini relations are governed by a number of agreements and conventions signed years ago and cannot be affected or altered due to current developments in Washington.

It is noteworthy that Republican Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election raised concerns among Washington's allies over his extreme views, especially those regarding Gulf states and areas of conflict in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

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