Bahrain: Gov’t Failure to Pay Tens of Millions in Dues Threatens Large Construction Company

2016-11-29 - 2:18 am

Bahrain Mirror: Hundreds of foreign workers rallied (Sunday November 20, 2016) outside two construction sites, in protest against the delay in salary payment by one of the biggest construction companies in Bahrain.

Around 750 Asian workers in the Cypriot company, GPZ, announced going on strike in the Bahrain Airport and King Hamad Hospital, after a two-month delay of paying their salaries.

A senior official in the company (who refused who unveil his identity) said that the company is suffering from a financial crisis due to the government's failure to pay its dues worth 57 million dinars.

The company is implementing major projects, including the National Center for tumors in the King Hamad Hospital in Muharraq at a cost of 31 million dinars. The company started the implementation of the project in August 2014, and is expected to complete it in February 2017.

The company carried out large projects in Bahrain, including "Durrat Al Bahrain" project, owned by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, in addition to projects owned by the private sector.

The company official said, "We cannot work without access to the amounts owed by the government. They are in a difficult situation and so are we and they have to understand that very well."

Bahrain is suffering from a collapse of oil prices from the financial crisis that led to its failure to pay dues to companies implementing large projects.

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