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Former Minister Regrets Lack of Bahraini Expertise in Health Ministry, Wonders if it’s Part of the 2030 Vision

2016-12-07 - 3:50 am

Bahrain Mirror: Former Bahraini Minister expressed regret over the lack of Bahraini expertise from the Health Ministry, wondering if this step is part of the "2030 Vision", which is a strategic vision for Bahrain launched by Bahraini crown prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

Former Health Minister, and former member of the Shura Council, Doctor Nada Hafaz, wrote a post on her "Facebook" account entitled "Alas .... Loud and Clear", in which she said, "The Bahraini Health Ministry today is almost devoid of senior Bahraini doctors, nurses, and technicians with long cumulative experiences; those which the state has planned and financed for decades to prepare and train, for them to be important resources in the health field."

Hafaz added, "This is the situation today, after we were proud that most of what distinguished our health services that were acknowledged by the World Health Organization, is the availability of the Bahraini health workforce with long experiences, whether doctors, nurses and technicians, unlike other Gulf countries."

Moreover, Hafaz wondered, "Is this a part of the 2030 vision that I don't know of? This means we can gradually bid farewell to the national health cadres."

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