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ABC, CNN Say Bahrain Renting Out Trump Hotel Hall Raises Conflict of Interests, Ethical Concerns

2016-12-10 - 2:58 am

Bahrain Mirror: CNN's Arabic page said that Donald Trump's new hotel, just a few steps away from the White House, would be the best place for those seeking good relations with the new president-elect.

Under the title of "Concerns of Conflict of Interests after Bahraini Event in Trump's Hotel", the CNN website said that US diplomats and officials headed to the hotel to attend the Bahrain National Day event held in Trump's International Hotel.

The website added that "when the hotel was officially opened last September, it did not receive much outturn, despite the campaigns promoting it as being "the most significant premises in Washington, the best place ever."

"All of this changed on elections night," CNN further added.

Moreover, it noted that "some diplomats acknowledge that spending money at Trump's hotel is an easy step to curry favor to the new president."

On its part, ABC news network said that Bahrain's event at the Trump Hotel might cause ethical concerns.

ABC's Chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross said that "the president-elect's new luxury hotel seems to be the new in-spot; the place for foreign governments and special interests to show loyalty to Donald Trump." He referred to how Bahrain "rented out the presidential ball room, at an estimated cost around $100,000 to celebrate its national holiday." 

Ross entered one of the hotel's halls to ask Bahraini diplomats there about the reason behind choosing Trump's hotel.

"Last year you were at a different hotel. Is this because Mr. Trump is the President-Elect?" Ross asked. The Bahraini Diplomat he intercepted said, "I have no comments."

Moreover, the ABC report said that the Kingdom of Bahrain certainly has good reason to seek acceptance of Trump's administration, in reference to the ongoing human rights record criticism, accusations of torture and violence against political opponents.

The news network's correspondent went on to say that "Outside, as Bahrain diplomats lefts, they still weren't talking, (...) and security men blocked our cameras."

"Legal ethics experts say nothing is sure of whether selling off the business or turning over to a blind trust that doesn't involve his children, will really do the trick," he added.

He further referred to the New York Times report indicating that Trump still plans to own the business, even after his official inauguration at the White House next month.

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