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Turki Al-Faisal from Manama: We Don’t Support Stopping Nuclear Deal with Iran

2016-12-10 - 11:30 p

Bahrain Mirror: Former director of the Saudi Arabian General Intelligence Directorate, Prince Turki Al-Faisal, said that he does not support stopping the nuclear deal with Iran in the current phase, calling on to activate the agreement's articles to guarantee that Iran will not own nuclear -weapons for 15 years.

Al-Faisal said that they want "actions and not only words" from the US president Donald Trump, expressing his concern that Trump would feel "delighted" after winning the US elections and becoming the president of the largest country in the world.

This came in a seminar held by "Arab Sky News" channel on the sideline of the Manama Dialogue forum that kicked off on Friday night (December 9, 2016) with the participation of the Vice President and former interim Prime Minister of Iraq Ayad Allawi, ex-CIA chief David Petraeus and former chief of US Intelligence Council Ellen Libson.

As for the nuclear issue, Al-Faisal said that the nuclear deal with Iran should not be changed in the current phase for the interests of all parties because it prevents Iran from getting nuclear weapons for 15 years, however, fears raise as this period ends.

He also indicated that Iran did not prove to the world that it is a peaceful country and that it wants reconciliation with its neighboring states. On the contrary, Iran's activism has increased and so its public statements issued by the supreme leader to the military leaders uttering that Iran controls 4 Arab capitals and that Baghdad is the original capital of the Persian civilization. Al-Faisal stressed that all of the statements are worrying.

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