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Bahraini Clerics Deem Upholding Sheikh Ali Salman’s Sentence “Imprisonment of Political Work”

2016-12-13 - 10:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahraini clerics deemed the verdict that upheld the 9-year jail term against opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman an imprisonment of opposing political activism and condemnation of national peace, bearing the British government "responsible for supporting the Bahraini regime in delving into the security option."

A statement issued by the clerics said "his eminence Sheikh Ali Salman who showed readiness to sacrifice himself, his family and youngest child for the sake of reforming the country is not a man whose resolve can be broken by all the arbitrary decisions."

"We condemn this void and arbitrary verdict that was issued after the security summit and was covered by it. We also consider it an imprisonment of the opposing political work and condemnation of national peace. We hold the regimes that support the dictatorship, the British colonial regime, accountable for supporting the Bahraini regime in delving into the security option and sectarian targeting, crushing the people and human rights. We, in addition, remind the Bahraini regime that depending on foreign governments does not build a nation," the statement further read.

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