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Bahrain’s Al-Wefaq: Mass Executions, Regime’s Choice to Confront Justice and Democracy Demands

2017-01-17 - 3:47 am

Bahrain Mirror: Deputy Secretary General of the Islamic National Society - al-Wefaq, Sheikh Hussein al-Daihi, issued a statement condemning the gruesome execution crime of three political detainees. He demanded an international investigation be opened in all killings, revenge crimes, sectarian persecutions, and cultural destructions that haven't stopped in Bahrain for 6 years, before the eyes of the world.

Al-Wefaq's statement reads as follows:

We mourn the martyrs of the mass executions; martyrs Sami Mushaima, Abbass Al-Samei, and Ali al-Singace, who were executed in an illegal way with cold blood, which has lost all human values, in the morning of Sunday, January 15, 2017.

This heinous bloody crime reflects the mentality and behavior of the authorities in Bahrain in dealing with the Bahraini people for demanding dignity, justice and democracy, and that what happened reflects the mentality of power for adopting bloody and security choices.

We condemn this heinous crime and call for opening of an international investigation into all the killings, revenges, sectarian persecutions, and cultural destructions that haven't stopped in Bahrain for 6 years, before the eyes of the world.

We also stress that the case in which the verdict was ruled, and executions were implemented, lacks even the most basic elements of justice and fairness, and all procedures were invalid. This highlights the seriousness of political, judicial, legal, and security situation, which the Bahrainis suffer from. We hold fully responsible for this the head of regime, in addition to the supporting and aiding countries.

Our three great martyrs passed away while they believe in the fairness of their demands of rights, and their repression in this fabricated case. They were proud, patient, and did not waver or become servile. Their families received the news of their martyrdom with pride, making them a huge asset in the line of struggle, high morale, and perseverance on the path.

The masses of our great people are ready with full force to continue their peaceful movement. We call for a wider participation in this movement, and for embracing the families of these martyrs, who represent the crown of our country.

What happened and is still happening will only strengthen our resilience and determination to adhere to our legitimate and fair demands, demanded by the Bahraini people against tyranny and dictatorship. Their demands also include democratic transformation, and building a state of institutions and laws [which guarantee] public freedom, and respect for human rights.

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