International Responses on Twitter: Execution of Torture Victims Carried out amid UK Conspiracy & US Silence

2017-01-20 - 5:46 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): The news of the Bahraini regime carrying out the execution of Abbas Al-Samie, Sami Mushaima and Ali Al-Singace prompted reactions from EU and British MPs, as well as foreign, Arab and Bahraini activists, who tweeted the news from various news agency accounts with their own commentary.

The tweet that took the spotlight was posted by British MP Tom Brake who strongly criticized his government wondering: "What action will UK gov & @foreignoffice take after #Bahrain extrajudicial killings. UK invests heavily in Bahrain  human rights' reform."



For her part, MP Margaret Ferrier tweeted, "A very sad day 4 the parents & family of these 3 men whose executions went ahead n #Bahrain amid allegations of torture & forced confessions." In an earlier tweet, Ferrier stressed: "I do hope tht @theresa_may @BorisJohnson @Tobias_Ellwood @FCOHumanRights will act NOW by contacting their ally #Bahrain 3 men cld b executed."



Meanwhile, Danish MP Marietje Schaake retweeted the Associated Press article about the execution and commented by saying: "I strongly condemn the use of the #deathpenalty no matter the circumstances, as we all do in the EU, what will @FedericaMog say? #Bahrain."



The Special Rapporteur on Extra-Judicial Executions Dr. Agnes Callamard also addressed the issue on her Twitter account, stating that "Bahrain executed Abbas al-Samea, Ali al-Singace, Sami Mushaima. Torture, unfair trial + flimsy evidence: these are extrajudicial killings"



Amnesty International Secretary General Salil Shetty also stressed that "Bahrain executions, another dark step by a govt that is shielded by western powers! Another shameful example of double stds on #Humanrights," retweeting Nabeel Rajab who posted: "A scene of a father whose son was executed today," that included a video showing Sami Mushaima's brother.



For his part, Gulf researcher at Human Rights Watch Nicholas McGeehan tweeted: "Bahrain executions unjust and inflammatory. Public, unequivocal condemnation imperative to prevent Bahrain killing more young men," noting in another tweet: "Very weak UK and EU responses to executions. Bahrainis must be wondering what £British and €uropean values mean at this point."



Similarly, on his official Twitter account, Human Rights First's Brian Dooley stressed that: "#Bahrain's executions this morning, the first since the 2011 uprising, are a new level of repression likely to provoke rage & violence."

US journalist Nicholas Kristof retweeted Dooley, commenting: "Another example of doubling down on repression in our ally Bahrain. Really sad to see Bahrain's continued slide in this direction."

US journalist Anna Therese Day, who was previously arrested by Bahraini authorities, also tweeted "#Bahrain's Monarchy just carried out 3 executions. @StateDept, will you halt US arms sales? What else will it take?"



Meanwhile, Kuwaiti Activist Hadeel BuQrais, mocking the regime, said on her Twitter account: "I'll slap you..but don't get upset..I'll kick you..okay but don't get upset..I'll fabricate charges against you..but don't get upset..I'll kill you, bury you without a funeral and arrest your family members if they cry..but don't get upset."

For her part, Maryam Al-Khawaja highlighted in a series of tweets that "their blood is just as much on the hands of the #UK and #US governments as the #Bahrain regime," stressing that "The #Bahrain regime needed to appease to the #UAE regime and to cover up their embarrassment re the prison escape. Innocents paid the price." she also noted that the "#Bahrain regime's National Institute for Human Rights @nihrbh has condoned and justified the executions - #EU gave them 2014 Challiot prize."

Al-Khawaja also retweeted a BBC article entitled, Bahrain executes three Shia men over police killing, with a comment stating: "Let me fix that title for you: #Bahrain executes three torture survivors over alleged 2014 police killing after unfair trial."

As for blogger and human rights activist Yousif AlMuhafdah, he retweeted the UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's reaction to the execution of the three Bahrainis on the official Arabic Twitter account "We completely oppose the death penalty and the Bahraini authorities are well aware of our stance," and addressed Johnson saying: "If it wasn't for your absolute support for these Sheiks, they wouldn't have went on with their crimes. Neither you nor your talk on human rights have credibility."

In another tweet, he further stressed that the King of Bahrain is legally responsible for this murder and execution of dissidents and victims of torture. The king himself should be the one to be legally pursued on an international level, he added.

In response to the National Institute for Human Rights' statement, prominent opposition figure Ebrahim Sharif said, "There is no respectable rights defender that talks about ‘merciful' execution. True human rights defenders know that execution in general and in our particular situation does not achieve justice.

Another rights campaigner called Ahmad Ali tweeted: "Hello Boris Johnson, Theresa May, David Cameron, weren't you just here in Bahrain?" In another tweet, he addressed the three British officiald saying: "Didn't you say that taxpayer money to help achieve reform in Bahrain is paying off?"

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