To Abbas Al-Samie

2017-01-24 - 5:33 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): On the eve of your martyrdom, your smile is what remained in us, as an everlasting gift from you. Whenever we see a picture of you, the rays of your presence surround us. Your last picture on the washing bench did not wash away the echo of your laugh from our ears; your laugh and smile, which were a part of who you were and the person we knew. Despite the cruelty of the four bullets that pierced your heart and even though you are no longer smiling, and there is no longer a sparkle in your eyes, your good-hearted face remained the same and did not even lose one bit of its amiableness.

Let us see what the "Jaw" Novel says about your smile. The author, who is a Jaw prisoner who used the alias "Jihad", tells us about that smile, which the brutality of Jaw prison could not silence, as it could not quell your resilience and perseverance. The prison guards confirmed their defeat before your smile, as the only way they thought would kill it was by breaking your teeth. They thought they would defeat it by that, yet they failed to do so.

They allowed members from Al-Shihi family to enter the prison, and vent their revenge on you. Your biggest concern, while you were under their severe torture, was confirming your innocence, as you did not fear death that you awaited. You repeatedly told your companions in prison: "As long as I am on the right path, I do not care whether death came upon me or I drew myself towards it." What mostly hurt you was that the Emirati people and Al-Shihi family actually think you killed their son. This is why you cared to tell them you were innocent of a crime fabricated against you, because of your opposing political activism. This is why you risked your life more than once while recording your messages from inside prison, addressing the Emirati people: "My brothers and I are innocent of Al-Shihi's blood, just as the wolf is innocent of [Prophet] Yousef's blood." You've sworn by the Quran repeatedly, and every time you hoped the Al-Shihi family would believe you, even if the Bahraini regime executed you.

No one knows how the moment of your execution was. You most probably saw the faces of the Emirati officer's family members once more. Perhaps, you read in their eyes a tribal rage-full urge for revenge, and maybe one of those 4 gunshots that penetrated your skinny body were fired by one of them. If they were the ones who fired the bullets that kill in an instant, then you have sent messages that would torture the conscience of their children and grandchildren in the future. When the blindness of hatred and revenge fades away, and the murder instincts ease down, they will know that you were innocent. They [Al-Shihi family] will realize that they killed their son twice; once when they sent him to kill the innocent people of Bahrain as a mercenary in a battle that is not his, but rather a battle between an oppressed nation and a tyrant regime, and again when they realize your sincerity and innocence. They will realize that their son (the Emirati officer) was a victim of an unjust cause, defending a tyrant who wants to destroy his own people.

Abbas, your mother's presence was strong on the day of your martyrdom, as she spoke words, which we are not sure whether you entrusted her with. She commemorated your memory in a manner fitting of your heroism and martyrdom. She gave us another source of strength that the tyrant thought we would lose the moment you were executed. She mastered her words as she addressed every criminal responsible for your death. "You approved, you executed, you supported, and you rejoiced over the murder of my son Abbass. We will meet on the Day of Judgment with God, and He shall establish justice- Allah (Alone) is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs," she said.

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