Second Letter to Abbas Al-Samie

2017-01-26 - 3:20 am

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): Dear Abbas, today, on the second day after your martyrdom, January 16, 2017, we attempt to reach your grave- there, in the Mahooz cemetery, where the graves of your ancestors, whose knowledge and honorable presence fill the burial ground, lie. Do not feel lonely or abandoned there for being distant from your village. Here, there is an authentic piece of your home, which shall surely become another garden of paradise in your presence, and that of your companions Ali Al-Singace and Sami Mushaima.

We tried to reach your grave, but those who executed you are now surrounding your grave and the entire cemetery. All the paths leading to your grave are blocked. This is the grave that was imposed on you, your family, and loved ones, as it is the grave in which your family was informed by the authorities you will be buried.

The authorities are aware that wherever your grave may be, it will be a curse on them. They know that even if they kept your grave away from your village and people, you will be able to bring your presence and honor to the grave, wherever it may be. How miserable they are! Dear Abbas, tell them to step aside for a bit, we only want to sense a glimpse of your light.

Today, we tried to reach your grave, there, where they buried you away from your people, amid a forced isolation and extensive security measures. We wanted to take a first photo, a second, and third. We wanted to see your beautiful smile radiating from your grave. We couldn't even get near the cemetery fence. What kind of horror, dear Abbas, have you inflicted upon their hearts?

Dear Abbas, tell them that you do not have explosives, you do not have their terror, you do not have their weapons or bullets. Tell them that the peace that resided in you when you were alive is the same peace that lies in your grave now. Reassure them that nothing lies in your grave but words, letters, your voice and smile. Dear Abbas, say something so that they would clear the way for those longing for the soil on your grave. We long for a handful of this soil, for a grain of this soil of dignity, to rub on our broken hearts, tired faces, weary foreheads, and heads that are held high thanks to you. Give us some of your soil Abbas. Tell them we do not want anything else.

They are afraid of you although you are lying in your grave. They are haunted by your words that hurt their tyranny, and by the blood that yesterday flowed on the washing bench. They are haunted by your soul, soaring around your grave; in freedom, transparency, and purity. This is the freedom that you did not find in this world, and now you are embracing it in the heavens. These fools want to imprison you again. They wanted to cut you off from the world when you were alive, and now they want to cut the world off from you.

Peace be upon your soul beloved Abbas, peace be upon your body, the soil you lie in and your companions who shared your fate. Peace be upon Sami and Ali.

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