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Indian Official in Bahrain to Discuss Indian Works Paycheck Delay, Death of Indian by Teargas Canister

2017-01-28 - 7:04 p

Bahrain Mirror: Indian official, Director General Overseas Recruitment Agency of Telangana, in the Republic of India, K. Bhavani, visited Bahrain (Sunday January 22, 2017), to discuss the delayed paychecks for Iranian workers in a construction company, for over 3 months. She also sought investigations concerning the death of an Indian worker by a teargas canister.

The Cypriot GPZ construction group (one of the biggest construction companies in Bahrain) has been delaying paychecks of more than 750 Indian workers for over 3 months, at a time when information reported the death of an Indian citizen, who passed away by a teargas canister shot at him during a strike demanding salary payments.

An official in the Cypriot company, said that the Indian worker died (Sunday January 15, 2017), when security forces shot teargas canisters at dozens of workers protesting in demand of their salary payment near the town of Nuwaidrat.

The Interior Minister however had declared the worker dead due to natural causes, during a gathering for workers demanding their salaries.

Meanwhile, another source stated that "security forces suspected that the protesting workers are Bahrainis", as it seems that the timing of the strike near Nuwaidrat was sensitive. The source confirmed that security forces fired teargas canisters at the workers.

During that day, mass protests had took to the streets of various Bahraini areas, including Ekker and Nuwaidrat, to denounce the government execution of 3 Bahraini detainees.

According to Bahrain News Agency (BNA), the Indian official met with Sabah Al Dosari. Undersecretary of Ministry of Labor during her visit.

The agency noted that Al-Dossari asserted to the Indian official, is country's efforts to maintain the rights of overseas workers.

The Indian embassy had taken the testimonies of protesters who were with the deceased Indian worker, confirming his death was caused by teargas canisters.

Bhavani was expected to discuss with Labor Ministry officials the situation of GPZ company's delay in paychecks.

A GPZ anonymous source had revealed that the company suffered from a severe financial crisis, since the Bahraini government has not paid its dues worth up to 57 million Bahraini Dinars.

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