Mostafa Hamdan’s Wounds Raise Questions

2017-02-03 - 6:38 p

Bahrain Mirror (Exclusive): A deafening silence takes over the world regarding the atrocities taking place in Bahrain, including the brutal injuries of the Bahraini youth Mostafa Hamdan. Many questions come to mind when pondering over Mostafa's wounds- what is the value of a human being in Bahrain juxtaposed with government interests, the value of an innocent young man vis-a-vis espionage agency deals, imported mercenaries and an entire port offered for military use!?

What value would one have while living in a country whose "interests" intertwined with that of its rulers and world powers! This deafening silence unfortunately unveils the true answers, making one realize the extent of international disregard for your basic rights.

Mostafa now stands between life and death with a swollen eye, many cuts and bruises on his face and a bullet sunken in his head. This innocent 17-year-old youth's life is at stake now as a result of the regime's ongoing crackdown on the people's freedoms and rights.

Months of nonstop camping in the open protest site outside the house of Bahraini Shia spiritual leader Ayatollah Sheikh Isa Qassim ended with a bullet in Mostafa's head. Months of ongoing protests and long bitter nights at the camping site in Diraz ended with a bullet in Mostafa's head, a bullet that the doctors have failed to remove- a bullet fired by cowardly masked forces that attacked the Diraz square and fled. It's a bullet fired by a force affiliated to a spineless authority that still hasn't dared to reveal itself publicly. Why? That is because it no longer has any need to lie.

This authority responded to the protestors' demands with spilling blood, Mostafa Hamdan's blood.

Mostafa Hamdan is an example of a citizen of a country that allows world powers to achieve whatever interests they wish on its soil, a government that kills its own people in silence.

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