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Rida Al Ghisra and Two Others Killed in Attempt to Flee Bahrain by Sea

2017-02-10 - 2:12 am

Bahrain Mirror: On dawn Thursday (February 9, 2017), young Bahraini citizen Rida Al Ghisra (29 years old), along with Mahmoud Yahya (22 years old) and Mostafa Abedali (35 years old), were martyred, after being shot at by Bahraini security forces.

Security forces opened fire on them while they attempted to flee the country by sea. The Bahraini Ministry of Interior said that the Coast Guards warned the boat and asked it to stop, yet instead (who's on) the boat opened fire at them. The security forces was therefore prompted to respond and fire back.

Tariq Al Hassan, Public Security Forces chief, announced in a press conference some maritime and land security operations conducted by the Ministry.

Moreover, Al Hassan declared thwarting an operation to smuggle some fugitives convicted in terrorism related cases, who had escaped "Jaw" Central Prison, while they were on a boat heading towards Iran. He added, "The joint forces were able at 5:28 morning today February 9, 2017, to monitor a boat in the area south of Khalifa Port. Despite warning it and attempts to stop it, the boat didn't stop, and headed towards the north. This called for pursuing it, and directing maritime patrols to intercept and control it. Meanwhile, the target "boat" initiated fire towards the patrol, and there was a direct response [by firing back] towards the source of firing, in accordance with legal standards set for such cases. The book was then controlled."

Al Hassan added that as a result of this operation, each of Rida Abdullah Isa Al Ghisra (29 Years old), Mahmoud Yousef Habib Hassan Yahya (22 years old), and Mostafa Yousef Abedali (35 years old), were killed.

During the same operation, the forces arrested each of Mohammad Jassem Mohammad Jassem al-A'bed (28 years old), Hamed Jassem Mohammad Jassem Al-A'bed (28 years old), both who were also injured, Hassan Ali Mohammad Fardan Shokor (22 years old), Hani Younes Yousef Ali (21 years old), Ahmad Ali Ahmad Yousef (20 years old), Ali Hassan Ali Saleh (38 years old), and Ahmad Isa Ahmad Isa Al-Mallali (23 years old).

Regarding the second operation, Chief of Public Security said that Ali Mohammad Ali Mohammad Hakim Al-Arab (23 years old) was arrested, and ho is the main suspect in a "terrorist attack that resulted in the martyrdom of first lieutenant Hisham Hassan Mohammad Al Hammadi, in a shooting in Bilad Al Qadeem." He was also a suspect in shooting a security patrol near Bani Jamra, which led to severely injuring a security officer. In addition, he said that the other arrested fugitive, who had escaped from the detention center, is Ahmad Mohammad Saleh Al-Sheikh (26 years old).

The Ministry of Interior said that search operations and investigations and ongoing to arrest the 8 who were able to escape Jaw Central Prison last January 1, 2017.

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