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Haq Movement Says Al-Ghisra and His Companions were Deliberately Killed

2017-02-10 - 4:28 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Haq Movement for Liberty and Democracy expressed condolences over the martyrs Rida Al Ghisra, Mahmoud Yahya, and Mostafa Abedali, who were killed by the Bahraini coast guards while they were trying to flee the country by sea on the dawn of Thursday (February 9, 2017).

In a statement, Haq Movement said, "The martyrs were subjected to an out of law liquidation operation, and regime claims that an exchange of fire resulted in their martyrdom cannot be trusted. Their liquidation rather came in a prior decision, that shows that they were executed outside the law, in response to their escape from prison."

Moreover, the movement believed that the deliberate killing of the three Bahrainis, proved the "regime's brutality and thirst for further bloodshed". It went on to say that the regime "definitely will not achieve by this heinous action any progress on the level of breaking the will of the people, and thwarting its revolution, that has been ongoing since February 2011." It also stressed that by these criminal acts, the regime would only open the doors for more violence.

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