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Al-Wafa'a Islamic Party: Killing of Al-Ghisra & 2 Friends Took Place outside Bahraini Territorial Waters

2017-02-10 - 9:27 p

Bahrain Mirror: Al-Wafa'a Islamic Party said on Friday (February 10, 2017) that the killing of martyrs Al-Ghisra, Mahmoud Yahya and Mostafa Yousif took place outside the territorial waters of Bahrain.

The party added in a statement "the killing of 3 of the chased in the boat leaving Bahrain is considered a crime and security failure by all accounts. The difference in potentials, military equipment, air stalking and number of ministry of interior's men and the chased boat leaves no doubt that the ministry could siege the boat without the need to kill three of the chased."

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