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Geneva: CAT Inquires about Fate of Martyr Hani Abdulaziz’s Murderer

Martyr Hani Abdulaziz
Martyr Hani Abdulaziz

2017-04-25 - 8:34 p

Bahrain Mirror: Member of the Committee against Torture (CAT) Felice Gaer reiterated her inquiry about the fate of the officer responsible for the killing of martyr Hani Abdulaziz. The officer was sentenced to 7 years in prison before his sentence was commuted to 6 months.

Gaer asked the Bahraini delegation against about the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI) recommendations, noting that according to head of BICI Mahmoud Bassiouni, the Bahraini government only implemented 10 of the 26 recommendations in the report.

In response to her Gaer's inquiries on the BICI recommendations' implementation, head of the Bahraini delegation, deputy Foreign Minister Abdullah Al-Dossari, said, "Bassiouni said the aim of the committee was achieved, and I said that the developments and achievements in the Kingdom of Bahrain are ongoing under the reform project."

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