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Mohammad Kadhem Zainuldine Martyred at Hands of Security Forces in Diraz

2017-05-23 - 5:05 p

Bahrain Mirror: Youth Mohammad Kadhem Zainuldine (39 years) martyred after receiving gunshots by the forces affiliated to the ministry of interior while raiding Diraz village, where thousands are protesting outside Sheikh Isa Qassim's house.

Activists said that Mohammad, an environmental activist, sustained several gunshot injuries in his body during the clashes that broke out between protestors and security forces that raided the sit-in site and arrested dozens of citizens.

A source stated that at least 100 citizens were injured in the operation carried out by the ministry of interior at 9 AM. There are two critical injuries among the protestors.

Martyr Zainuldine is the second martyr killed by the security forces in the protest square in Diraz, as Mostafa Hamdan was killed few months ago in a security attack against protestors.

Thousands of Bahrainis have been protesting outside the house of Sheikh Qassim in Diraz since June 20, 2016, when the authorities revoked his citizenship, which made the authorities impose strict siege on the village resided by over 20 thousands citizens.

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