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Diraz Martyrs Families: We Refuse any Request other than Handing over Bodies in Accordance with Established Customs

2017-05-26 - 9:52 p

Bahrain Mirror: Families of Diraz martyrs said that they refuse to yield to any request by the Bahraini security authorities to bury their sons in the Hura cemetery.

In a statement, they explained that they received phone calls from the Hura police station on Friday morning, asking only two people from the family to attend without any women, a request that appears to indicate that they want to bury the bodies in the Hura cemetery without mass public presence.

The families of the martyrs (Muhammad Al-Akri, Muhammad Hamdan, Mohammed Al-Sari, Muhammad Zainuldeen and Ahmad Al-Asfour) considered that depriving them of a proper burial "is another crime added to the first crime of murdering them," also deeming it another violation of their constitutional, human and moral right to hold a funeral procession for their sons according to their beliefs.

The families of the martyrs concluded their statement by stressing that they would not yield to any request other than handing over the bodies of the martyrs without any delay and in accordance with the customs and procedures adopted in the country.

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