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Local Newspaper: Jaafari Endowment Refrains from Paying Contractor, Withdraws 6 Project Bids

2017-07-01 - 4:30 am

Bahrain Mirror: Al Bilad local newspaper said that the Jaafari Endowment Directorate (JED) refrained from paying a contractor who implemented projects worth BD 176,892 although the required time to settle the amount passed.

The newspaper added that the JED also withdrew projects from the contractor, after granting him the bid, and started collaboration with another company without any justified reason.

Moreover, the contractor said that he had signed 7 total contracts with the JED, all worth more than half a million dollar. He added that the JED resorted to the other company with 6 of the projects agreed upon. The projects included the Adliya Mosque, marble installation in all Bahrain Mosques, marble installation and maintenance of A'li Mosque, Sheikh Rashid Mosque, Sheikh Hussein Mosque project in Sehla, and a marble installation project in Al-Khawaja Mosque.

The contractor said he referred to many official authorities, including Ministry of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowment to interfere in the problem. However the JED head continued to stalling the issue by giving promises to solve the matter, without any tangible result.

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