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Muslim Brotherhood in Bahrain Urges Gulf Leaders to Reunite their Countries

2017-07-12 - 5:24 p

Bahrain Mirror: Muslim Brotherhood group in Bahrain called on leaders of GCC states to do their best to settle the Gulf dispute and reunite their counties.

Bahrain's embracing of the group prompted severe criticism against it, especially after the dispute with Qatar aggravated.

Deputy Secretary-General of Al-Menbar Islamic Society (political branch for Muslim Brotherhood) stressed that he trust the wisdom of Bahrain's King and GCC leaders in managing the crisis in a way that maintains stability of Bahrain and the region.

The group called on the King and GCC leaders "to reunite their countries and Gulf people and to bridge any gap that allows the enemies of the nation to reach our regions and achieve their aims in dominating, expanding and destroying out societies."

The group condemned what it called "attempts to defame its image", stressing on their stances that support the ruling Al Khalifa family.

Muslim Brotherhood group is represented in the Parliament. Its members assume leadership positions in the government, army and judiciary.

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