“Arab Times” Editor Osama Fawzi Makes Episode about Muslim Brotherhood: King’s Cousin Founded it, was General Controller

2017-07-16 - 8:54 p

Bahrain Mirror: Palestinian-American Journalist and editor of the famous "Arab Times" newspaper issued in the US Dr. Osama Fawzi mocked the dualism of Bahraini government in dealing with Muslim Brotherhood in Bahrain, describing it as "political whoring".

The mocking writer said in his most recent episodes on YouTube on Sunday (July 16, 2017) that "founder of Muslim Brotherhood group in Bahrain is the cousin of King Isa bin Hamad Al Khalifa. He was the general controller like Egypt and Jordan's controller and at the same time he was Ministry of Justice previously."

He addressed the king in the episode saying "what about the Muslim Brotherhood group that is active in Bahrain under the king's patronage": "your cousin founded it and you had two Muslim Brotherhood members in the government, Ali and Fatima Al-Baloushi (...) you can embrace Muslim Brotherhood in your country but Qatar can't!"

Fawzi went on to say "Al-Islah society works day and night in Bahrain (...) if any of this society gets caught in the Emirates, he will be sentenced to life in prison. You also opened another society; Al-Menbar Islamic Society."

He further stated "Why did you close the opposition newspapers and you did not close Al-Naba'a? (...) it belongs to Muslim Brotherhood (...) I wish I can understand what do you call this political whoring."

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