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SIU Refers 3 Policemen to Trial over Charges of Beating Detainee

2017-09-22 - 3:19 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) affiliated to the Public Prosecution said that the unit investigated 52 complaints of allegations of torture, mistreatment and use of excessive force by policemen, during the second third of 2017, adding that it only referred 3 policemen to trial.

Member of the Bahraini Special Investigation Unit, Ibrahim Al-Kuwari, said that the unit listened to 54 complainers and 52 witnesses, while 35 suspects of the security forces were interrogated. 14 complainers were referred to the SIU forensic physicians and 2 complainers were referred to the SIU psychiatrist for checkup to see if they suffer any psychological effects.

Moreover, Al-Kuwari added that the unit continued its investigations into one of the cases that included allegations about an individual who was beaten by the policemen after being arrested over a criminal case, and referred 3 security forces members to the competent court. The unit requested that the suspects be punished pursuant to articles 4/75, 1/107 and 1-2/339 of the penal code and set 27/9/2017 as a date to consider the case.


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