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Muharraq Police: Security Surveillance to be Conducted in Areas Hosting Ashura Events

Muharraq Police Director General Fawwaz Hassan al-Hassan
Muharraq Police Director General Fawwaz Hassan al-Hassan

2017-09-30 - 2:43 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Director General of the Muharraq Police Directorate, Fawwaz Hassan al-Hassan, said that his directorate took upon itself the responsibility to exert all efforts to make the Ashura season this year successful. He praised the work that is following a full plan. He also praised the role played by heads of obsequies in cooperating with the directorate, and not allowing any exploitation of this occasion, to deviate it in the wrong direction.

Moreover, al-Hassan noted the plan to distribute community service police, patrol, and traffic officers in areas near events. He also noted that security surveillance will be conducted in areas hosting Ashura events, to maintain peace and public safety.


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