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Security Company Says Muharraq Municipality Refrains from Paying Financial Dues since 2015

2017-10-05 - 5:13 am

Bahrain Mirror: The Assistant General Manager in Al-Mahd Company for Security and Safety Ahmad Kambar said that Muharraq municipality is refraining from paying its financial dues since 2015.

He added "We have a problem with Muharraq municipality since 2015. An auction for security escorts for Muharraq parks and gardens has been knocked down in its favor and we worked with it for 10 months, however, we didn't receive any money from it. We, as a company, paid the guards from the company's budget for 5 months."

Kambar further stated that the municipality didn't pay the next month, so the workers went on a strike again. Thus, the municipality breached the 2-year contract (from 2015 to 2017) before we finish it.

We managed the security of all Muharraq parks and we had 27 security guards working in shifts. The municipality has to pay a total of 25000 BD for the remaining bills that reach 12000 BD and for the bank guarantee that amounts to 13000 BD.


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