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Attorney-General: 11 New Attorneys to be Appointed to Prosecution in early 2018

2017-10-23 - 12:30 p

Bahrain Mirror: Bahrain's Attorney-General Ali Fadl Al-Buainain said that the process of assigning the 11 legal experts, who were appointed in the past period, as prosecuting attorneys early next year has begun.

Al-Buainain added that the Public Prosecutor's Office will begin receiving applications from graduates of law schools wishing to work in the public prosecution, as well as legal researchers who wish to be promoted as assistant prosecutors, adding that applicants will undergo tests for selecting the most competent for the posts.

More than 150 researchers and university graduates are expected to apply for admission to the Public Prosecution Office, as has been the case previously, when 11 were selected after passing the tests with distinction.

The number of applicants for public prosecution posts last year was 150, out of which 11 were selected.


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