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Indian Ambassador to Bahrain: More than 350 Thousand Indians Reside in Bahrain

2018-01-29 - 3:29 p

Bahrain Mirror: Indian Ambassador to Bahrain Alok Kumar Sinha said that "the number of Indian community in Bahrain exceeds 350 thousand," adding that "50% of the foreign communities in Bahrain are Indians."

He explained in an interview with the local Al-Ayam newspaper that "the Indians are happy to reside and work in Bahrain. They appreciate the country that enjoys the best labour laws in the region." The ambassador went on to say that "this helped in dealing with some of the challenges that a foreign community might face. There are some challenges regarding financial dues and we are very happy by the measures taken by the Bahraini authorities in this regard."

He noted that the volume of trade between his country and Bahrain had scored last year a 35% growth in comparison with the past three years, reaching nearly a billion and $250 million without oil exports.

The ambassador revealed that that the Bahraini investments in India has doubled three times during a period not exceeding three years, as the size of these investments increased from $48 million in 2014 to about $260 million dollars in 2017.

Sinha explained that the Indian investments in Bahrain are estimated at about 1 billion and $600 million, in the financial sector, contracting and hospitality sector, pointing out that the number of Indian companies operating in Bahrain is about 3200.

The Indian Ambassador stressed his country's stance regarding Gulf security and stability. He also highlighted strengthening security cooperation with Bahrain, particularly on terms of combating terrorism and sharing information.

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