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3 Wanted Bahrainis Drown in Sea, 4th One Missing

2018-02-19 - 7:23 p

Bahrain Mirror: Three Bahraini activists wanted by the security authorities martyred in sea while attempting to flee to Iran. Meanwhile, a fourth one accompanying them is still missing.

Sources close to the opposition confirmed that the 3 drowned in the territorial waters near Iran in ambiguous conditions. The Bahraini authorities said that they didn't receive any notice about missing people in the sea.

Coast Guard Commander Brigadier Ala'a Siyadi announced that his department had followed up on the report circulated on the social media about four deaths and one person missing in the Iranian waters. He said that no case of anyone missing on the sea had been reported. He also said that the matter was being followed up to understand the implications of the report in cooperation and coordination with the security authorities concerned.

No official statement was issued by the Iranian authority in this regard. Stripped of his nationality Shiite cleric Sheikh Mohammad Khojestah said "there is no information about them being shot and there is no blood trail. However, there are traces of about 30 gunshots shots in the boat."

A statement issued by the media committee for Karbabad youths mentioned that the accident took place on Wednesday (February 7, 2018). It pointed out that the martyrs are: Sayed Kassim Khalil Darwish (23 years), Maytham Ali Ibrahim (22 years), Sayed Mahmoud Adel Kazem (22 years) and the missing one is Hassan Ali Abbas Al-Bahrani (25 years).

Bahrain Mirror can't confirm the accuracy of the information from an independent source.

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