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Al-Zoabi: Companies Benefiting from Free Trade Agreement with US are Indian and Pakistani

2018-02-22 - 7:37 am

Bahrain Mirror: President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Bahrain Qays Al-Zoabi said that the US is working on putting into effect all articles of the free trade agreement with Bahrain to achieve greater chances of profit for both countries, ruling out that this Bahrain agreement is similar to the agreements whose articles the US administration is looking into reconsidering or canceling.

Al-Zoabi said in an interview with the Al-Ayam newspaper that the chamber is working on supporting investment in green technologies and renewable energy, indicating that despite the balance of trade between the two countries has doubled since the signing of the Convention, there are still opportunities for small and medium businesses to benefit from the advantages of the Convention that have not been made use of.

He estimated the impact of the expiry of the exemption- i.e. during the first ten years of the Convention- in face of the textile trade between the United States and Bahrain as very low, stressing that the exemption period was linked to a small part of the textile industry.

Al-Zoabi revealed that the chamber is currently working to attract investors from China to make Bahrain their gate towards the American market, considering that most foreign companies that benefited from the agreement for access to American markets are Pakistani and Indian firms specialized in the garment industry.

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