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Two Bahrainis Detained for 7 Days Pending Investigation over Posting “Obscene Video”

2018-03-25 - 4:44 am

Bahrain Mirror: Hussein Khamis, the head of the Muharraq Governorate Prosecution, stated that the Public Prosecution, in the context of containing the offense and its perpetrators as well as maintaining public morality, has kicked off its investigation into a video clip circulated through social media, which shows person speaking indecent terms that violate public morality, including obscene seductive attitude.

The Cyber Crime Directorate has arrested the perpetrator and referred him to the Public Prosecution. He was interrogated and admitted to the charges against him. The Public Prosecutor's Office also issued a warrant for the arrest of the accused who filmed the video and so he was taken into custody several days later. He was interrogated and admitted to the charges raised against him. They were held for seven days in custody pending investigation to be referred to the criminal courts.


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