Editorial: Why Should Khalifa bin Salman not Trust Nasser bin Hamad? “Machiavelli” Has the Answer!

2018-04-15 - 11:47 p

Bahrain Mirror - Exclusive: In politics, when you deny something, you're actually confirming it. Mainly, politicians do not believe each other in what they publicly say. It is true that they work with compliments and social hypocrisy with each other, but in turning points, stances would reveal the whispers of corridors and those behind closed doors, and what hasn't been said publicly. The intelligence and secret apparatuses' reports play the bigger role in monitoring these whispers and reporting them to whom it may concern.

Politics and lying are an inseparable pain, that's why the world of politics is constantly dubbed the world of lying, deceit, and the art of maneuvering. The higher controlling rule in the mazes of political parties, and in the conflict over a rule, is "he who doesn't conceal his faith is not loyal".

Therefore, when the Commander of Royal Guards Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa denies his link to "tucked accounts promoting lies and rumors", and when he warns "any party from inserting their name in this conflict and talking on their behalf in any way", saying, "We shall not tolerate anyone who tries to tamper with the pillars of the state"; he would be employing the old Machiavellian technique of the second-degree lie. He aims from it to hypnotize the foe using tender words. This is one of the most deviant and corrupt lying techniques, according to French Philosopher Alexandre Koyré, who examined Machiavelli's thoughts, arguing that through this technique, "saying the truth would in itself become merely a pure tool for deceit."

If Prime Minister Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa were to believe the declaration of moral integrity which Nasser bin Hamad published in a statement recently, he would be that "naïve person" whom we did not know along the 5 decades of being head of government. He was constantly that tough ranter who had no mercy, and who didn't care for signs of good intentions by his opponents. In this specific issue, he ought to believe Machiavelli, who said that "what is considered good morals and integrity among individuals, may not fit in politics and governance."

Machiavelli recommended that the Prince must "combine between the deceit of the fox, the cunning of the wolf, and ferocity of the lion", and ought to master lying and maneuvering in order to achieve his goals by any twisted means.

These traits were always the traits of "the Prince" Khalifa bin Salman. He did not believe the opposition any day, even if he showed that he did. He did not believe them when they denied their link to the Nasserite of Baath movements, when they denied their link to the Soviet Union, or when they denied their link to Iran! He memorized the Machiavellian teachings very well and was able to survive on the span of 5 decades from a fierce opposition, which is the most organized and originated among all Gulf countries. Through the Machiavellian teachings, he also made his way through major changes that happened in the ruling family, with his nephew, the current King, reaching power.

The opposers change, their dreams are interrupted or others go in different directions. He, however, stands firm in his positions. It is true that he lost many of them, but that was only on the basis of a guerrilla warfare (lets go only to come back), and not on the basis of typical warfare, which give high value to adhering to the land and dying in it.

However, if he were to believe now, the high level of hypocrisy expressed by his brother's grandson, then this would be a sign of aging, officially moving him from being Machiavelli's shrewd prince, to "The Idiot" Prince Myshkin. In Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novel "The Idiot", Prince Myshkin seeks, through his innocent good-heart which he became as a result of a fatal disease, to depict the image of the perfect good-intention man who wants to achieve happiness for his enemies and friends alike. Yet what did he receive in return from cruel-hearted people? Khalifa bin Salman ought to read "The Idiot" to know more about the virtual features of his new position in the power struggle.

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